A History of Meadowland Smokery: Devon’s Smoked Eel Experts

What better location to start a smoked eel company than in the idyllic countryside setting of Colyton — a short drive from the Devon coastline. A family-run business established in 2017 by Neil Fuzzard, Meadowland Smokery has become one of the most recognised and trusted names in the smoked eel industry. 

Using a mixture of innovative and traditional smoking techniques, paired with a commitment to deliver exceptional quality produce, our local smokery should be the first stop for all your smoked eel needs.

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Founding origins of Meadowland Smokery

Through a long and successful collaboration with The Dutch Eel Company, Neil Fuzzard has always had a deep-rooted connection with the fish trade. This fifteen-year partnership was built on a shared vision of supplying exceptional produce — while also giving Neil the incentive to venture into the world of smoked delicacies with the support of his son, Ben.  

Together, through plenty of hard work and a steady refinement of the smoking craft, Meadowland has grown from humble beginnings to the chosen smoked eel supplier to a range of esteemed restaurants across the country, each of which relies on us to provide the highest quality eel products for their menus.

smoked eel sandwich with onion pickle at Soho’s Quo Vadis

How Meadowland Smokery has evolved

Originally growing specimen carp at Meadowland Farm for the angling industry, Neil's entrepreneurial spirit led to an expansion into the carp market for Chinese supermarkets in London. This diversification laid the foundations for Meadowland’s journey into eel smoking, influenced by the growing demand for this niche delicacy.

At the heart of Meadowland Smokery's ethos is a dedication to quality. Neil and Ben's approach combines long-established smoking techniques with a continuous quest for discovery and innovation. Their smoked eel, a result of meticulous processes and secret methodologies, has gained acclaim from over 50 Michelin-starred establishments in the UK, a testament to its unparalleled flavour and texture.

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Bringing a new perspective to smoked eel

Neil’s extensive background in fish farming, combined with a philosophy that prioritises quality above all, serves as the cornerstone of Meadowland Smokery. His path from education in Fish Farm Management to establishing Frontfish UK speaks of a life dedicated to the fish industry.

Ben, meanwhile, brings a fresh perspective from the culinary world. His move from professional kitchens to the smokery has given the business a creative energy, exploring new smoked products that continue to inspire chefs and clients across the world. 

How can we help?

If you’d like to find out more about Meadowland Smokery, or would like to ask about our delicious range of smoked eel products, then please do get in touch, or click the link below for all your wholesale enquiries.

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Posted by Jessica on February 29th 2024

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