We love nothing more than seeing our smoked fish plated so perfectly by the chefs we are proud to supply, but it also gives us great pleasure when those we are yet to work with are creating new dishes with the sample they’ve received.

Amongst our small team we have a collective experience of 22 years in hospitality, if you check out our profiles in ‘About us’, you’ll see that fish is most definitely our thing! We know a thing or two about seafood but for Ben & Abigail this experience comes from leading a kitchen and producing plates like yourselves (Ben) and managing or hosting such establishments and serving guests these masterpieces (Abigail).

For this reason, we appreciate the amount of effort that goes into creating each dish, but also the work that goes on behind the scenes, in every context. Whether you are new to us or you’ve been working with us for a number of years we hope you can see that we strive for the highest quality and understand the importance of each ingredient.

So, you’re probably thinking what’s the giveaway?

We see so many photographs popping up on Instagram, thank you for tagging us by the way, we’d like to return the favour by rewarding you with a 200g packet of eel fillets. This can be delivered to the home of the chef behind the photograph to enjoy yourself or to the restaurant for you to continue serving or share with your team. By the way… this doesn’t just apply to a professional chef, if you are one of our private customers, we would love to see how you enjoy our smoked eel.

All we ask is for you to send us a photograph of your smoked eel dish to along with the description and at the end of each month we will decide the winner based on flavour combinations, seasonal ingredients, aesthetics, and most importantly creativity.

Posted on June 15th 2021

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