Smoked Eel


Smoked Eel

This is where it all started, smoked eel is where we perfected our craft. You can scroll down for product descriptions, but it really doesn’t resemble anything else, so our suggestion is to just give it a try… you’ve made it this far!

Please note; Eels come in different shapes and sizes, and will be a minimum of 800g

Whole smoked eel

We believe it doesn’t get much better than seeing the whole eel in all its glory and authenticity! This is how our chefs like it. We so often see fillets and you must think what happens to the rest? we are proud to sell the whole product, and love that this is always the number one choice for our customers. It’s quite simple to fillet for those with culinary confidence, all that’s needed is a filleting knife to remove the bone (there’s only one!) and a table spoon to remove the meat from the skin.

If you are wondering what to do with the leftovers, make yourself a broth or a soup by boiling the bones & smoky skin, for us it’s a ramen with ginger & chilli.

The whole eel has a four-week shelf life, it can be hung in the larder or wrapped in parchment and stored in the fridge. If you choose to fillet first and then store, it can also be sealed and frozen to be enjoyed at a later date.

Smoked eel fillets

Of course, we understand that not everybody has the time to fillet their own eel, or perhaps you don’t like the thought of it, so we are more than happy to do that bit for you. This will not impact the quality, you are still receiving our beautifully pink meat and delicate flavour. It is ready to slice and serve as you wish. We recommend if eating it as part of a salad or on toast that you allow it to come to room temperature as it really enhances the taste and texture. Straight onto the plate, it’s great with a little heat like horseradish or mustard, we particularly like it with wasabi!

Our fillets can be frozen, so if you wish to buy a larger quantity it won’t go to waste, the quality will remain the same. Please note that once your packet has been opened we recommended you consume your fillets within 4 days.

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